Important times, month after month

September: welcome to the caravan

The first important time of the year is the welcome of the new venture to the caravan. It’s a solemn and joyful moment at the same time. This time is included in a ritual to show its importance. Every new venture is welcomed to his/her Patrol by something prepared by the Patrol mates (song, game,…) During the ceremony, leaders give to each young venture/caravel the “Inukshuk” and the text of the Samaritan. As this woman, every young venture/caravel can hear Jesus asking them “give me something to drink!” (John IV, 1-30). Patrol leaders give the empty cairn to the newcomers while welcoming them to the Patrol.


To ensure the smooth operation of the Caravan, nine responsibilities have been identified. They should be shared between Caravan members, with the exception of the Patrol leaders.

Each patrol discusses one or few ambitious projects together to propose to the rest of the caravan. Then all patrols come together: it’s the Caravan’s Council. It’s possible to choose an ambitious project for the summer camp, and another PAC to live until December to start the year.

A route is a choice of personal growth in 1 of the 6 fields of development proposed in scouting. During the 3 years in the caravan each teenager is supposed to have done the 6 possible routes.

July-August: time to (re)source

During the camp, each teenager will live an intense time associate to a thinking time. Those moments are called “Sources”

  • For the first year

The 1st source is a time to prepare his/her promise which is one of the most important moment for the venture. It’s an opportunity for the teenager to affirm him in front of the others, dare to use “I”, explain his reasons to live in the caravan and respect the law. As for the welcome and the send-off, it’s a solemn and joyful event at the same time, common to every caravan.

  • For the second year

This 2nd source is a specific time of rereading!!! And openness to the world. In pairs, leave the camp for an itinerant path and take the time to think and live a long silent time. Try to be alone and to answer the question “in what do I believe” by writing a letter to him/herself.

  • For the 3rd year

The final source consists in looking back and realising what has been lived for the past 3 years in the caravan, ask him/herself about future commitments, especially the Rover opportunity. It’s also an occasion to act together with the 3rd year people in the caravan in order to leave a memory of those 3 years to the caravan. Depending of skills and will of each and every one it can be about 3 topics: Solidarity, artistic field, sport.

This source ends with the send-off ceremony to symbolise the departure of the 3rd years, to thank them as they appropriate and send them to the rover section.  It’s another important ritual common to every caravan. Leaders will give a parabola to each departing venture/caravel. This text is chosen by the leaders, according to the teen’s personality, to give him/her a last message before leaving the caravan.

  • The wises council

It gathers all the 1st and 2nd years at the end of the summer camp. During this meeting, the caravan chooses the patrol leaders for the following year. Before the vote, every candidate presents him/herself and explains why he/she would like to take this responsibility. During the camp, leaders can encourage one or another teenager to be a candidate for the patrol leader role if they feel the teenager ready and able to take this responsibility.

The Inukshuk

An empty cairn

the badge of promise