Live The desert

Take a break to leave better

In the symbolic framework, the caravan is in the desert, which is part of the spiritual proposition. Deserts are immense areas, which are asking to be discovered, visited, and crossed. A hostile place by the hard climate, it asks to be tamed. Venture has to prepare themselves to live and travel in them: every Project is made from confines, successes, moments of doubt, multiple joy. Deserts are also a place of solitude, of withdrawal, a time of feedback. Take a break to leave better. Have the opportunity to leave behind the noise of everyday life, to take time for oneself.

The link to nature

In this arid area, we need to know how to save water, tame the different natural elements, don’t consider things as granted. Venture makes richness that needs to be preserved, from the area they cross.


In 3 years the caravan crosses 3 deserts: Sinai, Hoggar, and Negev. All caravans in France cross the same desert during the same year. Every desert has 3 dimensions.

The “Oze” (scout newspaper for the ventures and caravels) gives ideas to go into every dimension in depth.

  • Sinai Desert: non chosen place, temptation place and revelation place
  • Hoggar Desert: truth, stand back and brotherhood place
  • Negev Desert: detachment, transit and decision place