Live the PAC


Each patrol proposes 1 PAC idea to the rest of the group. Afterwards, the Caravan’s council vote for the project which will be selected. It’s possible to choose one proposal or to mix few or all of them to create a consensus. The caravan has to live a few PACs each year. The duration of the PAC is chosen by the whole caravan. It can be short (1 week), or longer (1 trimester). The PAC is the caravan’s project, but at the same time, patrols can have their own activities.

The PAC’s council

It brings together leaders and Patrol leaders. It identifies the missions and actions needed to be taken for the success of the PAC. Then it shares out the missions between the patrols, it makes decisions and takes the necessary step back for the enhancement and the well-being of the project. The Pac’s council also checks that the PAC matches with the 5 criterion.

Missions and responsibilities

For every PAC, missions are given to Patrols. The patrol leader shares them between the members of his/her patrol, to improve the project. It can be an individual or a patrol mission, short or long. It can be related to the responsibilities, the routes, or needing an external support. Moreover the 9 responsibilities of the caravan support the PAC’s organisation the whole year long.

8 fields/domains

The caravan travels through the itinerancy; it is out of the question to be in the same Pac’s Field every year! There are 8 of them to discover during the 3 years in the caravan.

Nowadays, most of the PACs are oriented around 8 directions of the world.

Participation, speak up and communication

At this time of global communication, “to be free” comes through learning to master informatics, radio or TV, Internet with its blogs and its websites. Nowadays it’s also important to be able to write as a journalist or a reporter, to animate an event…

Ideas for your PAC: organise an itinerant/mobile library, plan a radio program; make a promotional video for the venture, for an association; organise a neighbourhood party…

Gospel and scout life

Religion gives meaning to our acts and relates ourselves to others and to God. To attend pilgrimages, to animate masses, to encounter new religions, create Gospel experiences. 

Ideas for your PAC: travel on the Way of Saint James, organise a Christmas evening with a solidarity association, Go to Lourdes to serve the disabled people, organise the arrival of the light of Bethlehem in your city…

Construction and manufacturing

Use of hands developed Man’s intelligence… so we shouldn’t hesitate! So let’s make woodcraft, let’s design new of way of ecologic transportation, let’s try the “recup’art” (concept of making art from rubbish, or with items which were supposed to be binned) A PAC which allows each and every one to create and be proud of him/herself.

Ideas for your PAC: re-arrange a garden/a neighbourhood space, participate in a renovating action, manufacture a transport medium for an itinerant camp, design a health Path.


In the 21st Century, it’s a human duty: understand and preserve the ecological balances, develop the environmental quality of his/her area, rural or urban, choose his/her own way of life respecting sustainable development… 

Ideas for your PAC: Organise an exhibition to advertise recycling and energy saving, create a wind turbine for the scout premises, participate in the “Nature Environnement” camp (French program consisting mainly in checking the Southern forests and preventing fires)…

Adventure and Life in nature

Develop our physical capacities, contemplate Nature’s harmony and force, camp in the trees, travel on roads, explore caves, discover the sub-aquatic world, climb mountains, try a new sport…

Ideas for your PAC: live an itinerant camp around a Hiking road, organise a Nature weekend with non-scout children, go skiing with disabled people…

Solidarity and open-mindedness

Scouting means involvement! Participate in great cases, advertising campaigns about Public Health, fight against exclusion and isolation, live concrete solidarity between generations, support and help those who need it…

Ideas for your PAC: Organise a meeting with “Handisport” (sport for disabled people), attend an event with solidarity’s association, and prepare an orientation adventure with people in trouble…

Artistic Expression

Art is a need to express our interior and social life: ideas, opinions, feelings, sensations. Let’s not hesitate to use words, sounds, gestures; dances; feelings, flavours, colours, smells. They help us to communicate our feelings to the world.

Ideas for your PAC: To stage an itinerant show, to draw/paint in a center for the homeless, organise a concert, a music festival...

International experiences

Scouting is universal! What an opportunity to discover diversity, to meet other scout online or in real life, and build together a new and better world!

Ideas for your PAC: To host a foreign scout unit during the summer camp, travel to another country and be hosted by a local foreign scout group, to attend a jamboree, organise an educational event about development (South/North divide)…

5 criteria on for 1 PAC

In order to enrich projects and to help teenagers to design richer and more ambitious projects, a PAC is supposed to match with the 5 following points: usefulness, discover, encounter, surpass oneself and creativity. Depending on the PAC, some of them will be more or less important. But it is really important to have them anyway.

To be useful to others (service, solidarity…) and to be useful to everyone by learning new skills, by learning know-how… to create means to change and to exchange.

Learn about a new culture, a new country, a new scout technique, a new panel of activities. Every discovery teaches you and enriches you.

To meet people from the business world, scouts and guides from others associations, disabled people, children and people from different generations, from others regions… These encounters are truly important to teach young people to live in society.

To train oneself to control ones fears, to enjoy challenges, to learn how to maintain a responsibility. Be realistic, let's dare the "impossible"!

To dare his/her dream, to look for, find good solutions, to invent, to create, to express oneself through all arts… Creativity also means imagination (will the caravan be able to find a solution to its problem?)