Melting Potes

What is it ?

The “Melting Potes” camp receive one hundred scouts from France but also from all around Europe ! It is a great opportunity for small units to live an international camp and to “buddy up” with a foreign unit.

This camp will also be an opportunity for you to do common activities (sea, horses, hiking ...) but also to put yourselves at service of others, each one of you will be able to help a small construction (3 days in total).

Where and when ?

The leisure park “Le Village Gaulois” will host the camp from July 13th to 27th; it’s located in Pleumeur-Bodou in the north of Brittany. This park belongs to the association MEEM which finances the development of schools in Togo.

You should arrange your arrival to Rennes for the 13th of July, and afterwards, there will be an organized transport that will take you to the camp site.


Your unit should be consisted of maximum 8 ventures and 4 leaders. Beside the director of the camp (already assigned), the staff team should be a mixture of leaders from the different participant units.

Your country must be part of the program Erasmus +. Also, the camp should be composed of half French and half foreign units, which means only one unit per country can participate in order to have a camp as multicultural as possible.

You want to join us ?

So do not hesitate to talk about it with your unit and then to complete the registration form here ! For any questions about the event, you can contact us at .

Practical Information

Click HERE to access the registration form. You can also contact us at .