When the year starts, the 9 responsibilities are shared out amongst the caravan’s members. Preferably by the third years who are not patrol leaders. The teenager will be responsible for the task during the whole year and during the camp. Each teenager will be in charge of making sure the task associated to their responsibility is carried out correctly. Of course they can ask for help with in the caravan. Teenagers that are attributed the same responsibility have to talk together because caravan tasks usually involve more than 1 person.

Patrol leader

They are the mission coordinators in charge of their patrol. And has to back up the patrol’s members to help them improve. The Patrol leader is a helper to the patrol’s members, they are supposed to know each people of their patrol better and share experiences with them. He’s not a project leader in charge of giving tasks and checking everything is done for the success of the project.

The nine responsibilities

To each responsibility is related a package of tasks

Accomodation responsibility

  • To find weekend campsites, summer camp places, trek paths…
  • To propose way of nature friendly transportation

Animation responsibility

  • Participate and help to animate the festive times of the caravan
  • Take care and improve the animation’s equipment for the ventures

Communication responsibility

  • Check that information circulates through the whole caravan
  • Communicate externally about what is experienced in the caravan: parish, local newspaper, the age-group’s scout newspaper…

Documentation responsibility

  • Hold the caravan’s book in link with the ventures responsible for communication
  • Look for elements needed for the caravan’s project

Equipment responsibility

  • To list the group’s equipment and plan its replacement
  • To prepare and maintain the equipment

Finance responsibility

  • To draw up the caravan’s budget for every activity/project
  • Fund-raising: sponsors, extra-job

Food responsibility

  • To plan balanced and varied meals for the caravan
  • To take care of the supply, the quality and the cleanliness of the kitchen tools

Health responsibility

  • To take preventive precautions inside the caravan about sanitary hazards
  • To take care of everyone’s health and ensure intimacy respect

Spiritual life responsibility

  • To guide the caravan through the desert
  • Organise an original way to live spirituality in the caravan