The cairn, to mark out the Path

A route is a personal choice in 1 of the 6 growing fields of scouting. During 1 route, each teenager, backed by his/her patrol leader :

  • Will ask themselves personal questions and think about them,
  • Will be able to meet 2 characters from the New testament called the “decisive encounter” and 1 contemporary character
  • Will choose 1 or few concrete actions which will make them improve in the chosen field, related or not with the PAC lived by the caravan. Those actions will be even richer because they will make them meet new people and learn new skills.

When those objectives have been fulfil, the teen can receive the related cairn stone.


“Live with energy”: do some sport, be in good health, take care of oneself, eat balanced meals.

“Live with his/her time”: think, create, communicate, innovation, culture, open-mindedness… everything concerning the spirit.

“Live with radiance/influence”: to develop positive feelings around oneself: friendship, respect, empathy. To give and receive, identify and express what we feel.

“Live with values”: dare to say “I”, to speak, express oneself, be involved, act with confidence while respecting others, and compare opinions with others.

“Live together”: live in patrol, cooperate, hold one’s place and respect the place of others, act for the well being of the group life, develop a civic awareness and active spirit.

“Live with hope”: coordinate one’s interior life, be “looking for God”, express and share convictions and doubts, pray and celebrate individually and in a community.