What about you? Will you be joining us in July 2015?

Have you already met a French unit or would you like to? If you have, why not accept their invitation? If not, find a French unit to host you at this great event!

You're up teaser!


Preparations start this year

Preparations start this year

The next Venture Scout jamboree will be European! If you are lucky enough to be participating in an international event with French Scouts and Guides this year, go ahead and ask them about the huge jamboree taking place in 2015 - accept their invitation! The jamboree will be a great way to spend time with your new French friends.

If you haven’t yet taken part in an exchange with a French unit, but want to get involved, contact the international office (europe2015@sgdf.fr) to find a French unit that can host you.

Pratical information

  • What is "Twinning"?

To attend the jamboree, your unit needs to find a “twin” French unit. Together, you will form a joint unit. You will live on the same campsite, share the same activities and eat together. This will help with organisation, but will also help you build stronger friendships with the small group of French Scouts and Guides you spend time with. Of course, you will also get the chance to meet others when getting involved in the wide range of activities on offer!

  • How can i find a french Twin unit?

To find a twin French unit for the jamboree, you can search or post an advert on "Scootic" (under construction), or contact europe2015@sgdf.fr, which will put you in touch with a French unit.

  • Where will the jamboree take place?


  • What activites will be on offer at the jamboree?

A moving-in day to prepare for the 8 days living on site.

A European day in Strasbourg to find out about the European project at the institutions themselves.

A chance for young Europeans to speak out about their ambitions for the Europe of tomorrow.

An outreach day that will open up the jamboree to youth associations from across the Alsace region.

A day in town to discover the world around us, in partnership with associations working for urban development.

  • How much will the jamboree cost?

180 euros (except for For Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, FYROMacedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia : 100 euros)

  • For further information, please email us:


Ready for july 2015?

You're up ! is a chance to show everyone you’re ready to get to know your fellow Europeans!

You're up ! is a chance for you and your unit to share your vision for the Europe of tomorrow and say what you will do to help build it!

You're up ! is a chance to meet more than 5,000 European Scouts and Guides and 10,000 French Scouts and Guides aged between 14 and 17, over an 8-day period from 16 to 23 July 2015 - an opportunity to meet and celebrate with other young people, build your dreams, and work towards a stronger Europe and a more united world!

Join usthe Scouts et Guides de France will be happy to welcome you!

So are you ready?

Nicolas Bertrand
Jamboree director, venture commissioner, Scouts et Guides de France