Age 14-17: being a Venture...

The Venture age section rallies over 10000 young people aged 14 to 17. They are brought together by their idealism, their solidarity and their citizenship. Young people full of ambitions and dreams on which they act.

A proposal that develops the entrepreneurial spirit

Ventures are players of what they experience through projects that they select, organise and build together. The Scouts and Guides of France’s pedagogy enables all teenagers, whatever their situation, to gain confidence in themselves, in others, to surpass themselves and to be able to launch into challenges which seemed previously unimaginable.

Projects in all directions !

Projects in all directions !

The Venture proposal, through its pedagogy of projects allowing each individual to find their place, enables units to experience major projects which are all at once original, inventive and very varied: international gatherings, solidarity and open-mindedness, citizenship, public speaking and communication, gospel and scout life, adventure and life in nature, protection of the environment... Nothing scares them!

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14-17 teenagers step out of their home and discover the world! (English subtitles) - Scouts et Guides de France

The Caravan’s Short Glossary

Caravan: it’s the unit, i.e. the ventures and the leaders (in French: caravane).

Venture: in French: Pionnier-Caravelle

Patrol: a small homogenous group of Ventures (in French: équipe).

Patrol leader: a venture in charge of one patrol in the caravan, preferably a 3rd year venture (in French: chef équipe).

Responsibilities: 9 missions to be split within the unit to optimise the running of the caravan.will

PAC: The project of the caravan (Plan - Act – Celebrate) (in French: CAP).

Routes: 6 personal growth paths, taken one by one, by every venture/caravel during his/her 3 years in the caravan (in French: itinéraires).

Cairn’s Stone: The stones represent the personal and concrete success of every venture/ on his/her route.

Decisive encounters: meetings with characters of the New Testament and 1 contemporary character by each venture during his routes.

Deserts: 3 themes proposed to enrich the spiritual life of the caravan. Each desert is composed of 3 faces and takes place over 1 entire year. After 3 years in the caravan, every venture will have travelled in each of the 3 deserts: Sinai, Hoggar, and Negev.

Sources: Intense time of reflection about oneself and the living environment of every venture during the camp.

Trek: Time for itinerancy in Patrol (exploration), which can last up to 3 days.

Inukshuk: the venture’s book, given during the welcoming ritual. “Inukshuk” is an Inuit word which means “which looks like a man”. Built from stones to look like a man, this cairn is used as a landmark in the big Arctic desert. Symbol of humanity, it shows a food cache. Northern Inukshuk from Canada is symbol of brotherhood, mutual aid and solidarity.


The CAP (in English PAC) is the project of the caravan. This term is used by sailors to determine the course that the ship must follow. That's why, the symbol of the french ventures is a compass.

In common spoken french, CAP is also a goal to reach.